About Us

"The shop for both vintage quality ánd modern vibes"
A world full of wonder and surprise

Impossible Dreams shop specializes in preloved, artisanal home decor and design. We sell items with a unique background and appearance, and personal touch. Gifts for yourself and everybody you love.

Our values

Sustainability is one of our core values, from sourcing our products to delivering them to your doorstep. We source locally, drive electric while sourcing, and use recycled and eco packaging.

We support the idea of Wabi Sabi. This idea (how we have interpreted it) is, among other things, about appreciating transformation. It's all about imperfection: changes through living and growth make a product (or person) more valuable and special.

Our beginnings

Impossible dreams shop originated from a great love for unique and sustainable products. The personal collection it started with, has now grown into a store full of beauty, fun, color and history.

Impossible Dreams
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
KvK 83826475